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Soap Nut Laundry Soap
Soap Nuts Laundry Soap
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Soap Nuts Description

Soap Nuts are an all natural laundry detergent, household cleaner & soap that grows on trees!  

Soap Nuts (Sapindus Mukorrosi) are the dried fruit of the Chinese Soapberry Tree.  They are really not nuts at all, but are more closely related to the lychee fruit, although they are non-edible.  
They grow on trees in India and Nepal and have been used for centuries!


1.  Place 5-7 soap nuts (or the equivalent of) in the muslin bag and drop bag in washing machine.  

2.  Make sure to NOT over load your washer- no detergent can clean clothes properly when it is too full.

3.  If washing with COLD water, soak your bag of soap nuts in a cup of HOT water for five minutes prior to washing.  Pour entire cup of water and bag in washer and wash as usual.  

All Natural Laundry Soap FAQ's

1.  How do Soap Nuts work?
Soap Nuts have a very high content of saponin, an all natural surfactant (soap). When the soap nuts become saturated with water, they release the saponin. The saponin helps to release dirt and grime from the fibers of your laundry.
2. Are Soap Nuts good stain removers?
Like any other laundry detergent, soap nuts do not remove hard stains. They work wonderfully to remove odors and very effectively remove soils & particles from fabrics. I do recommend using soap nuts with borax or an oxygen bleach for hard stains or for whites.
3. Will Soap Nuts work in my HE machine?
Soap Nuts are an excellent choice for HE machines since they are very low sudsing.
4.  I don't see any bubbles, are my Soap Nuts working?  
Yes, bubbles actually have no effect on the cleaning power of a laundry soap.
Commercial detergents have unnecessary chemicals added to them to make bubbles.
5.  How many times can I use my Soap Nuts?
Soap Nuts can be used 3-7 times depending on your water temperature. Saponin will be released more rapidly when using hot water, however they still work very effectively in cold water.
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