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Lavender Dryer Bags
Lavender Dryer Bags
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Lavender Dryer Bags

Our Herbal Dryer Bags are stuffed full of dried Organic Lavender Buds.   Simply throw a bag in the dryer with your wet clothes and enjoy a light scent of lavender on you laundry. We suggest you keep the tea bag inside of the organza bag.   Each bag is good for approximately 4-6 loads   We recommended to squish the lavender buds around between each use to help release the oils.   Once you are finished using them on your laundry vacuum them up for a relaxing air freshener!   These also make great sachets for your closet or drawers. **Packaging may vary.

Dried Organic Lavender Buds 
Benefits of Lavender:
The scent of Lavender has a very calming relaxing effect.  It also has antibacterial properties which make it great for the laundry. 

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