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I've always paid somewhat attention to the ingredients that were in my skin care products and tried to use things as natural as possible, but it wasn't until after my children were born in 2006 that I really became aware of all the nasty and unecessary ingredients in most skin care products.
Shortly after my children were born, my daughter developed severe eczema that, at times, would cover her entire body. We took her to several dermatologists and nothing seemed to help. Some of their medications even made it worse! I searched for products that would not irritate her skin, but most of the products we used would instantly turn her skin red right before our eyes. It was at that point I decided that if I couldn't find a commercial product that would work for her, then I would make my own.
I began hundreds (and probably thousands) of hours of research, experimenting and testing to come up with products that were gentle enough to use on my babies. After I had created my first skin creams, things kind of snowballed into the Honolulu Soap Company and the rest is history!
At the Honolulu Soap Company we strive to use only all natural or organic ingredients whenever possible, and all of the fragrances that we do use are Paraben Free & Phthalate Free (which tend to be the skin irritants & hormone disruptors in fragrance oils) We never use any unecessary chemicals or detergents in any of our products. And best of all, my daughter is able to use ALL of my products with absolutely no skin irritation!
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