Easter is coming March 31st and I have decide to create a small line of kids soaps. There will be a couple with toys embedded inside, and a couple that will be fun and funky shapes and colors.

These soaps will be all natural, so gentle enough for your little one’s skin!

So add something different, useful and creative to your kids Easter basket this year!
Pictures will be coming soon! Or you can message me through www.HonoluluSoapCo.com.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted, and I’ve decided it’s time to give an update!
We have recently modified our Honey, Milk & Oats Soap to be a delicious blend of Bananas, Honey & Oats. It smells so yummy! And is 100% All Natural, and the fragrance I’ve found is 100% organic, which makes for a very nourishing bar of soap for your dry skin!

Our website should be updated within the next month or 2, but go ahead and order and you will receive the new blend!

So here’s a bit more on why it is so important to use an Organic Lip Balm…
Hydrocarbons are found within Petroleum, and petroleum jelly and baby oil are by-products of that petroleum. According to Dr. Oz, women who have breast cancer are found to have significantly higher levels of these hydrocarbons in their blood stream than those who do not have breast cancer.

This fact alone is enough for me to NEVER use any by-product of petroleum! And sadly its found in the majority of commercial lip products.

We do have 5 flavors to choose from, check it out here!

And “LIKE” us on our Facebook Page and vote for your choice for a new flavor of lip balm!

Did you know that nearly all lip balms contain Petroleum? Petroleum Jelly is commonly found in many skin care and beauty products, but is actually very dangerous for your health!
The average lipstick/lip balm wearing woman consumes approximately 7 pounds of petroleum jelly in a decade…according to Dr. Oz.  And that is just disgusting!!
That is why it is extremely important to use an All Natural or Organic Lip Balm like the one we make.

Our lip balms started out as being 100% all natural and then we were able to source a fabulous organic flavor oil and now it is 100% ORGANIC!
This is one of the first products that I ever started making, so I have had lots of time to perfect it.  And it’s vegan too!  No, lanolin, honey or beeswax.

We carry it in Unscented (which does have its natural nutty scents from the vegetable and fruit oils that we use), Pina Colada, Cool Mint, Coconut Cream, and Shimmer (which is also unscented). The shimmer is just a very shear pink, NOT like a lipstick.
Check it out here!

Our unique blend of oils is very soothing and healing, and won’t leave you needing to keep re-applying all day long.  Perfect for those dry winter months!

And, all September receive a FREE lip balm with any $30 dollar purchase.

So I have finally perfected our Noni Soap….or at least I think so!

I have decided on a Lavender/Lemongrass blend of essential oils. Our blend makes for a very refreshing and relaxing bar of soap that has amazing healing properties!  It is also super-fatted with Noni Infused Oil, and contains the super healing noni leaves for added healing properties and a very gentle exfoliant.

Our Noni Soap has not been uploaded to the website yet, so if you are in need of a healing bar of soap just email me through the website www.HonoluluSoapCo.com.

This bar is great for anyone with eczema or psoriasis or any skin irritations. It will also soothe sun burns.

Next week I will be beginning sales on a Noni Salt Scrub, made with our Dead Sea Salts and a Noni Soap. Last night as I was preparing the scrub I decided to test out the amazing healing properties of the Noni Fruit.
I had a raw, irritated area on my finger, (most likely a fungus from my ring). I soaked and scrubbed my hands in the Noni Salt Scrub and by evening time my itching had stopped and I could actually see the skin improving. I soaked it again for minute or so and by morning almost all of the redness was gone! I was totally shocked by the drastic improvement.
I’m totally convinced of the healing properties of the Noni Fruit, good for your insides and out.  Noni is antibacterial, anti fungal, and has anti-inflammatory properties to it making it great for eczema and skin fungus like athletes foot.  Noni is also great to help prevent sunburn on skin that has been over exposed to the sun!
If you’re looking for a great Noni Tea, good for healing all kinds of ailments, check out Roots of Hawaii- they have some really great teas!
And check us out next week to get your Noni Soap or Noni Salt Scrub.

I am very excited to announce that Honolulu Soap Company is now featured on Ebay!

We have partnered with Hale Ku’ai Aloha on Ebay to showcase a few of our product lines. Check it out here!

You will find our Organic & Vegan Lip Balm, Plumeria, Pikake & Coconut Loofah soaps, Plumeria & Pikake Organic Shea Butter and our Aloha Line Soaps which are great for your kids or guests bath.

I’ve just finished making several hundred jars of Organic Shea Butter! It’s definitely one of my all time favorite products since it is good for so many different things.
I use the shea butter every night on my heels, and cuticles. And anytime we get sunburns…. it’s shea butter to the rescue!
The fact that we start with an organic raw shea butter and blend it with only about 2% Organic Jojoba Oil (to make it more spreadable) is what makes our shea butter the finest!
I’ve been testing out 2 new scents, Island Coconut Shea Butter and Coconut/Lemon Shea Butter. They’ve went over REALLY well with all of my customers so i will now be adding them to my website. Look for them in the next week or so.

At Honolulu Soap Company one of our all time favorite products is our Organic Shea Butter.  It works wonders on ALL kinds of skin conditions!

We do also make a very lovely soap that contains our Organic Shea Butter.  It also contains a number of really beneficial ingredients including oatmeal which is very soothing for your skin, and sage which has a calming effect of your skin.
So, if you are looking for a very moisturizing bar of soap, our Shea Butter Sage Soap is amazing!
And right now when you place an order online with us for $50.00 or more in products, you will receive a FREE Large Shea Butter Sage Soap! The bar will be added automatically to your order.  Check us out!

So I’ve been using the Shampoo Bar and Conditioner Bar from Naples Soap Company for the last couple weeks….. I’ve gotta say that I LOVE the Shampoo Bar!

They do list the ingredients as being all natural, but I will have to say that it lathers up soooo much very quickly that I do suspect that they have added a chemical foam booster….I sure hope not though.

As for the Conditioner Bar- It’s nice, but not great. I have been using it and it does moisturize nicely but it does not detangle my hair.

Honolulu Soap Company will be launching a Shampoo Bar in the next couple months, with a Conditioner Bar to follow.